Impact Factor: 5.2 IJAR

Mukesh Kumar
2015 unpublished
Indian Economy is the Seventh largest economy in the world. India's economy became the world's fastest growing economy from the last quarter of 2014. The Indian economy has the potential to became the world's 3 rd largest economy by the next decade. India is ranked 130 th out of 189 countries in the world Bank's 2015 case of doing business index. India has 352.365 billion foreign reserves at present (2015). The long term growth prospective of the Indian economy is moderately positive. No doubt,
more » ... Indian economy is a strongest economy but a big problem that Indian economy faced the burden of Foreign Debt. If we see the overall position of Indian economy then can't ignore this problem. The Burden of Foreign debt growing fast on Indian economy from last few decades. Here the controversy is that why the foreign debt's burden increased fast, what the reasons behind it are. India has good natural resources, efficient men power physical and mental capital, however depends on foreign debt, why? This is the big reason to worry. The government and the economists should be think about it. This paper focused on this problem i.e. foreign debt and tried to analyses the reasons those responsible for this with the help of secondary data.