Temperature Dependence ofρanda1-Meson Masses and Mixing of Vector and Axial-Vector Correlators

Michael Urban, Michael Buballa, Jochen Wambach
2002 Physical Review Letters  
Within a chiral model which provides a good description of the properties of rho and a_1 mesons in vacuum, it is shown that, to order T^2, the rho- and a_1-meson masses remain constant in the chiral limit, even if at tree level they are proportional to the chiral condensate, sigma_0. Numerically, the temperature dependence of the masses turns out to be small also for realistic parameter sets and high temperatures. The weak temperature dependence of the masses is consistent with the
more » ... mixing theorem, and traces of mixing effects can be seen in the spectral function of the vector correlator at finite temperature.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.88.042002 pmid:11801110 fatcat:cimgrj6zxzhbnl5vbcsw2rucse