Evaluación, mapas conceptuales y ego académico en la enseñanza bilingüe en Educación Primaria [post]

José Luis Gómez Ramos, Juan Lirio Castro, Isabel María Gómez Barreto, Rosa María Serna Rodríguez
2020 unpublished
Although bilingual programmes were implemented in Spain a few years ago, a recent report on these English-Spanish programmes points out that they can still be improved (Dobson, Pérez y Johnstone, 2010). To improve these programmes, we aim to present a proposal based on the use of concept maps for the formative and summative assessment in content and language integra- ted learning (CLIL) developed in non-linguistic disciplines (DNL). Since evaluation constitutes a method of necessary feedback
more » ... cessary feedback for teachers and students, the method instructors use to mea- sure students' knowledge will impact the students' school performance. Feedback will also help learners to recall previously learned information. (Hoffmann, 2003). Consequently, this paper is presented as a brief bibliographic review to make DNL teachers reflect on the way summative exam design impacts the students' academic ego during evaluation.
doi:10.31219/osf.io/tjfw8 fatcat:bharklcidjenldojemalqw3bwy