Estudios sobre las Rubiáceas de México, LII

A. Borhidi, E. Martínez Salas
2015 Acta Botanica Hungarica  
The Randia sepium is an extremely interesting species with its coriaceous medium-sized leaves glabrous and brilliant on both sides with 4-7 pairs of secondary nerves and terminal inflorescences, with medium-sized hirsute flowers and pubescent corolla lobes on both sides not having closely related taxon in the Mexican and Mesoamerican flora. All Randia species of these areas having coriaceous shiny leaves -e.g. R. cookii and R. chiapensis -are thorny small-leaved, nerveless, small-flowered ones
more » ... mall-flowered ones with small glabrous, axillary or terminal solitary flowers. It is notable for its use, since it is applied as living fence in Chiapas (Mexico).
doi:10.1556/abot.57.2015.1-2.3 fatcat:ocln7yrprnfrbctkrc3py4jn3y