Hierarchy of Habituation Induced by Mechanical Stimuli in Caenorhabditis elegans

Shigetoyo Amano, Keiichiro Kitamura, Ryuji Hosono
1999 Zoological Science  
C. elegans becomes habituated to repetitive mechanical stimuli. We compared the habituated states induced by three types of mechanical stimuli: touch on the head (head-touch), touch on the anterior body (body-touch), and mechanical tapping of the Petri dish, all of which evoke backward movement. The habituation patterns were similar, but differed in retention period and/or the rate of recovery. We found a hierarchy between the habituated states induced by the three types of mechanical stimuli
more » ... the decreasing order of head-touch, body-touch, and tap stimulus. Evidence is presented that the hierarchy is brought out by the magnitude of stimuli rather than by independent neural pathways.
doi:10.2108/zsj.16.423 fatcat:sldt37lck5ggbkms4lgypos5z4