Asian English Literature's Midterm Examination Maternal Instinct Depicted in VerenaTay'sBroken

Ruly Indra Darmawan
2018 Lire Journal  
In this essay, I want to analyze how maternal instinct is depicted in one short story which has South East Asia as a setting of place because this maternal instinct has became one of the most debatable issues in feminist study until nowadays. The main data is a short story entitled Broken. This short story was included in anthology of Asian short stories entitled A Rainbow Feast. One thing which becomes uniqueness in Broken that picks my interest is how this novel exploits woman acts and habits
more » ... in different way than any other novel. VerenaTay through this novel tells a story about one particular woman and how she treats her newborn baby. Different with other novel, Broken pictures the woman who lives in different world than us, a human. It is interesting to see how VrenaTay pictures that woman acts and somehow lives after she was dead, how a woman escapes from subversive condition and move toward dominant one by leap through the limit of life and death.
doi:10.33019/lire.v2i1.16 fatcat:5qa5e2flpfdlfgblzu26ro6tqu