Astigmatism correction for distance and near vision

Natalya Rinskaya
2019 The Eye  
The clarity of the retinal image decreases as a result of non-corrected astigmatism. It contributes to the deterioration of the quality of vision and to a blurred vision. Thus, a clear vision can be achieved neither at distance nor when looking at nearby objects. Such blurry vision leads to asthenopia, headache, migraine, decreased reading speed and finally can become a cause of learning difficulties for a child or a student. In order to avoid such difficulties, there is a need to correct even
more » ... low degree of astigmatism and thus create the conditions under which the binocular system could work properly. First of all, we are talking about the correlation between accommodation, convergence and heterophoria, which should all work in cooperation. Only in conditions of emmetropia, i.e. single focus on the retina, the binocular system can work correctly, reducing symptoms and visual overload.
doi:10.33791/2222-4408-2019-1-46-51 fatcat:dc3a46rpybh35ifbt5v4gisdvy