Processing of waste oil products to obtain secondary material resources

Elena Kambulova, Vladimir Popov
2019 Othody i Resursy  
The author presents the process of processing waste oil and waste contaminated with oil products more than 15 %, using the pyrolysis unit, as one of the most productive and environmentally friendly. Pyrolysis – thermal decomposition of organic and many inorganic compounds. In the article, the author shows the complete technological process for the processing of waste petroleum products from entering the production site prior to recycling. This shows the economic effect for production. The
more » ... oduction. The article reveals the feasibility of the method of processing waste petroleum products with the receipt of secondary material resources, the replacement of the natural irreplaceable resources of the planet, which is relevant at the moment. The author in the article explains what waste oil products are, the processes by which waste is formed, the importance of the problem of utilization and processing in the modern world. The relevance of the article in the development of technology for the rational utilization of waste petroleum products, with the receipt of secondary material resources, which will allow to use the materials obtained repeatedly. The novelty of the research lies in the development of a new technology for the utilization of waste petroleum products with the further application of the obtained secondary material resources, with minimal impact on the environment, unlike other methods of processing or utilization.
doi:10.15862/04ecor219 fatcat:33hnqjpjgvdvvi32c5zlovwbne