Prevention of Taxi Accidents in Xi'an, China: What Matters Most?

Yonggang Wang, Ming Li, Jianhua Du, Chengyuan Mao
2015 Central European Journal of Public Health  
Objectives: Since the city of Xi'an has been extremely concerned with the serious problem of taxi involved crashes, injuries and fatalities, the primary purpose of this study is to identify the risk factors associated with the magnitude and nature of the problem and provide possible measures for enhancing the overall safety performance of taxi industry. Methods: Using 726 crash samples from the original of 7,183 observations in Xi'an over the period from 2006 to 2012, comparative statistics and
more » ... systematic analysis were employed to describe the distribution of taxi crashes by driver characteristics, roadway contributors and environmental factors and then determine the significant factors contributing to crash injuries and fatalities. Results: The trend and pattern of taxi involved crashes vary significantly. Middle aged (77.27%) male (91.60%) drivers with limited education (68.59%) and less driving (31.27%) and job (82.50%) experience were much more likely to be involved in such a crash. Additionally, it is found that a large majority of taxi crashes occurred with the most frequent type of rear end collisions (30.72%), on six-lane segments without median (16.94%) or four legged intersections (15.29%), under adverse weather conditions (31.82%), at weekends (34.99%), and during winter days (34.72%), but fatal and serious crashes were more likely to happen at night (30.72%) or under wet road surface conditions (16.94%), due to driver's overspeeding, unbelted, disregarding signs or signals, or other types of risk driving behaviour. Conclusions: The risk of taxi related crashes varies by drivers, roadways and environment. To reduce the risk of potential crashes for taxi drivers, we recommend the targeted legislation and enforcement, stronger night and trip restrictions, awareness of risk behaviour, and periodical training requirement. Such proposals and measures are expected to help mitigate taxi crashes and promote road safety in China.
doi:10.21101/cejph.a3931 pmid:26036104 fatcat:wtoxb5g5xnam3ok3wcoan3pxme