Acknowledgments [chapter]

2019 Fifty Early Medieval Things  
Acknowledgments Writing this book has been a genuinely collective project. For each of us, it has meant an unaccustomed foray into the most contemporary style of academic work, collaborative scholarship. We can say with confidence that three authors are behind every entry in Fifty Early Medieval Things. Though each artifact in our assemblage was researched and written up by one of us, we took full advantage of the possibilities opened by current electronic forms of communication: the others
more » ... ion: the others read, weighed in on, commented, and edited every Thing. Our cooperation began fortuitously, as a coffee-hour discussion at a medieval studies conference in 2011, and developed through hundreds of e-mails, online PDF exchanges, and further meetings in person. Thus we must acknowledge first each other's contribution to what we wrote individually, and to the formation of the book. But if we think Fifty Early Medieval Things is not the product of traditional, isolated scholarly research into the past, that is also due to the kindness and interest of numerous other people who have read parts of the book, provided valuable sounding boards, given encouragement, supplied materials, offered advice, and made important corrections in our text, beginning with the three anonymous reviewers for Cornell University Press. Among those people, we somewhat arbitrarily single out the following for their generous engagement with our work:
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