Application of Pile Bottom Post-grouting Technology to Increase the Bearing Capacity of Bored Piles in Vietnam

Nguyen Khanh Tung, Wu Li, Nguyen Thanh, Xuan Nguyen, Loi
The bored pile is a chief type of foundations used in high buildings and long span bridges. Unfortunately, some drawbacks such as sedimentation on the bottom of piles and mud around the shaft arise from traditional construction technology of bored pile. With the use of pile bottom post-grouting which is an excellent technology due to its upgrading the behavior of bored pile and saving the engineering costs drastically, those disadvantages will be overcome. The earliest application of this
more » ... logy may be in 1958 to the Maracaibo Bridge, Venezuela. In Vietnam, the application technology for the first time in My Thuan bridge (1998) located in Tien Giang province by Australia contractor. In recent ten years, about 50 bridge and high building projects in Vietnam had successfully application of this technology. This paper introduces advantages, applications and construction process of pile bottom post-grouting technology. Combined with case study, summarized and analyzed engineering geological conditions, static load testing pile results, numerical calculation results and researched on effect of this technology.