Simultaneous Removal of TVOC and Particulate Matters Using Rectangular Bag-Filter System with for a Foundry
주물공정 악취·분진 동시 처리를 위한 여과 집진장치 개발연구

Rong-Bin Xu, Tae-Hyeung Kim, Hyun-Chul Ha, Cheng-Xu Piao
2014 Journal of Environmental Science International  
Foundry has an important economic value in the industry. However, the generation of air pollutants like particulate and odor are serious. Due to the unavoidable usage of molding sand, particulate occurs in almost all the processes. That accounts for the majority of respirable dust in the size less than 10 . As well as particulate, over 22 species of odor-causing gases and VOCs including hydrogen sulfide and ammonia are occurred. Therefore, the development of equipment that can simultaneously
more » ... ove TVOC and particulate is regarded as an essential research. In this study, the spraying absorbent system was connected with the shear bag filter for the purpose to remove TVOC and particulate simultaneously. Maximization of process efficiency for the affective factors like the powder combination and injection method is conducted. The experiment was performed at the de-molding process of one foundry plant. Through these devices, the removal efficiency of more than 95% for TVOC was achieved with the absorbent that composed by 800 mesh Activated carbon (80%) and 300 mesh zeolite (20%). Also, the durability and economic evaluation were assessed. In the result of Durability assessment, the available recovery to maintain the deodorizing effect at 90% was counted to 350 degree.
doi:10.5322/jesi.2014.23.8.1409 fatcat:ywxj3fzl5rhlfekomw2ifzidge