6.1 - Merging of Flight Test Data within the UMAT TDS

T. Gerhard, T. Paul, The European Society Of Telemetry, Rudolf-Diesel-Str. 29a, 82216 Gernlinden, Germany
In close cooperation with Bundeswehr, ESG has modified an UMS Skeldar R-350 UAS to offer a testbed for in flight evaluation of payload and avionics. This testbed is called Unmanned Mission Avionics Test Helicopter (UMAT). In order to provide a complete test environment, a truck based laboratory enhances monitoring, control, and recording capabilities. It is called Flexible Mobile Ground Control Station (FlexMobGCS). In this paper we present the UMAT Test Data System (TDS) which is a modular,
more » ... ch is a modular, digital and powerful system for capturing, recording, transmitting, analysing and archiving of test data during flight test operations with the UMAT. The TDS is used to evaluate experimental equipment during flight tests like avionics or mission management functions as well as human machine interactions. The TDS consists of an air segment within the UMAT, a data link and the ground segment within the FlexMobGCS. In this paper the focus lies on the challenges of the TDS ground segment and its integration into the TDS air segment.
doi:10.5162/etc2016/6.1 fatcat:aaodrnjgy5enpeayc6quawdqlq