Dharma-based person-centered approach

2018 Psihologіčne konsul'tuvannâ і psihoterapіâ  
The Dharma-oriented personal approach is a growing approach that derives from a deep connection between Buddhism (especially Shin-Buddhism) and a person-centered approach. Professor Gisho Saiko called this approach "Dharma-based approach to a person based on Dharma (DPA)". His research was not only Buddhism, but also counseling (especially personality-oriented approach), social well-being and education (students). His teaching style is not only intellectual, but also experienced. Regarding
more » ... ism, he had a coup (the spiritual experience of Aha) when he was in the 20's, and in the person-oriented approach he continued to have group experience. I believe that his works can be called "practical Buddhism" or "living Buddhism". In his work he offers "Buddha Dharma" instead of "Buddhism". to modern society. Communicating with client-focused therapy / person-oriented approach to him was fundamentally important. This gave him a deep awareness of himself, as he usually looked at people from above and taught them. He found that when he tried to understand people from their point of view, wonderful things happened to people. And how Buddhism has a relationship with this approach. When he was a high school teacher, he created a counseling room and he tried to practice "student-centered education" in his classes. He then created a research group for Shin-shu (Shin-Buddhism). Counseling and continuing education that promotes community development. Later in his life he called his approach "D.P.A.; Dharma-based, human-oriented approach".
doi:10.26565/2410-1249-2018-10-04 fatcat:p2vxcqafurhbjpppavwk5z7hse