The Kiosk for Doctoral Studies in US [1986-2017]

Kiyoung Kim
2018 Social Science Research Network  
A. 1996 NRC Assessment B. 2010 NRC Assessment C. US News Graduate Programs Ranking  The range numbers in this kiosk replicated the sum of R-Rank and S-Rank from 2010 NRC report. The left ranking is highest possible ranking and the right is lowest possible one, which is in terms of statistically 5% rule. The average of both numbers is used to yield a comparison and final definite ranking among the institutions for 2010 NRC report, which rests with parenthesis.  Ranking for each program finally
more » ... ach program finally has been yielded by average number of 1996, 2010, and USNW ranking for the graduate programs. Hence the coverage in period is longitudinal possibly 1986 (the first year from last 1985 NRC) through 2020 (the last year for ten year interval of NRC practice, but not surely for every turn). The ranking of USNW graduate programs are mostly yearly, or changed with the interval of about three years for Natural and Social Sciences. The USNW ranking mostly was based on 2017-2018 version (eventually to determine the period of effect for this KIOSK), but in rare case, might be adjusted to avoid a sharp precariousness or in consideration of promotional equity.
doi:10.2139/ssrn.3118970 fatcat:ihmbgwo4ujhu7c5vqo3yb723xy