Tourist Street View Navigation and Tourist Positioning Based on Multimodal Wireless Virtual Reality

Shousheng Chai, Jun Shan, Yi Hui Chan, Guolong Shi
2021 Journal of Sensors  
Based on the multimodal wireless virtual reality technology, this article researches and implements two different spatial positioning estimation systems based on intelligent networks and mixed reality devices, which can estimate their position and attitude in space with higher accuracy. Based on the multimodal protocol, an extensible information exchange protocol is designed to meet the requirements of the terminal and the background service in the scenic spot, which realizes the information
more » ... eraction between the terminal and the background service and supports the realization of system functions. Second, a real-time data management module is designed for the two types of terminal historical location query and real-time location query. Through the research and summary of GPS positioning technology and existing matching algorithms, as well as the analysis of positioning errors, a scenic map matching algorithm based on an improved virtual reality model is proposed. Later, in the electronic map design, the traditional linear street view model was improved, the width element of the street view was increased, and the rectangular street view model was introduced. When the candidate road section was selected, the candidate road section was determined by the area intersection method of the error rectangle and the rectangular street view, and the search path was improved, while reducing omissions in the selection of candidate road sections. In the process of adaptive moving target feature learning, it can effectively remove the inaccurate foreground extraction caused by the misjudgement and misdetection of the multimodal background modeling method. This plays an important role in the later trajectory tracking and reduces the uninterruptedness. The simulation results show that the real-time data is cached in the memory, and the real-time data is divided and organized on the basis of region, which realizes efficient designated terminal location query, range query, neighbour query, and many other typical real-time location-based queries. Finally, using the characteristics of the database management system adopted, through a reasonable design of the database table structure, efficient access to historical data is realized. System test results show that the system has realized multimedia applications, electronic maps, travel notes, and other functions and has a friendly interface, easy operation, and good maintainability and scalability.
doi:10.1155/2021/5639457 fatcat:bxw5l4tdnbfabpaxkbwxfkpi7m