Concrescence [thesis]

Vakhtangi Darjania
____________________________________________ Steve McGuire ____________________________________________ Kee-ho Yuen ii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I would like to thank my mentor Monica Correia for helping and guiding me through my research and studies. It has been a great privilege having her supporting and mentoring me through my graduate studies as many of her advice and comments have been greatest suggestions I could have gotten. iii ABSTRACT With my research in Concrescence planters I was able to
more » ... gn set of planters using specific methods that I generally use in designing. The methods that I utilized the most are the Golden Rectangle and the Fibonacci sequence as Golden Rectangle talks about the symmetry and design in nature and how I apply the same systems to my own design to make it as natural for human interaction. The research also utilized some of the same design techniques and element that then to translate from one design to another which make the design process simpler and fluid. iv PUBLIC ABSTRACT While working on my design I always keep function and from in mind. It is those elements that dictates the human interactions and reaction with the work that I design. To make sure that the design is received well I look at the nature to take inspiration and use the elements that occur in it. One of the elements that I use from the nature is the Fibonacci sequence and the Golden rectangle because it is a natural occurrence. I used the Fibonacci sequence to determine the dimensions of the Concrescence planters. The set of three planters are made of concrete and
doi:10.17077/etd.206dtb8p fatcat:mnabbeae4nh6pd7bzk52jnmhi4