Reproductive health program of Turkish Armed Forces: evaluation of training of field trainers and soldiers' experience

T Kaya, Akyuz
Facilitating the participation of men in reproductive health programs is an important factor in improving mother and child health in the community as well as preventing sexually transmitted diseases and infections, and increasing the use of effective family planning methods. Approximately 500,000 soldiers join the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) annually in order to perform their military duties. These soldiers are provided daily health education within the scope of the TAF reproductive health
more » ... uctive health program since 2003. This study was carried out with the aim of having counselor educators evaluate the education process. 240 counselor educators expressed that they could use active education techniques during education. They stated that they have substantial problems associated with feedback from the participants and face difficulties in answering some of their questions. The soldiers mostly directed questions related to sexually transmitted diseases and infections, HIV/AIDS and methods concerning only male sexual health in reproductive health program of TAF.