The Demographic Factor of Recreation of the Labour Potential of an Enterprise

M. Khokhlov, Yu. Melnik
2010 Economics of Development  
The article gives an overview of the current demographic situation in Ukraine, the tendencies of changes in the structure of employment and the impact of these changes on the labour potential of society and an enterprise.The revival of normal steady recreation of labour potential is getting vitally important for the development of the economy of Ukraine and for providing the basis of its economic security. Many research workers have been studying demographic problems at different levels of
more » ... ement of the economy. They are V. Borisov, E. Libanova, A. Sagradov, S. Tyutyunnikova, M. Volgin and many others. However, the problem of the recreation of labour potential at the level of an enterprise with regard to the current demographic processes has not been studied well enough by the present day and is now very urgent. A demographic situation influences directly the economic position of the state, in particular the quality and quantity of the labour force and the labour potential of an enterprise. But it is not the only problem of the social and labour sphere.The ineffective structure of employment with a large share of workers being employed in the agricultural sector of economy still persists. Even now the need for workers with professions which have been of great demand in recent years has reduced. This phenomenon is accompanied by the decline of industrial production as a whole. Thus, the workers of all professions are facing the problem of scarcity of jobs, and in some industries this problem goes hand in hand with the shortage of workers (more often blue collars). The lack of financial resources at enterprises in the times of changing over to the market economy resulted in great loss of highly-skilled personnel of many professions, as many people were redundant and had to change their kind of activity and profession. At the same time the system of specialized technical education broke up: 307.1 thousands of students finished specialized technical educational establishments in 1993, and only 265.1 thousand did [...]
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