Use and misuse of the concepts of tradition and property rights in the conservation of natural resources in the atlantic forest (Brazil)

Fábio de Castro, Andréa D. Siqueira, Eduardo S. Brondízio, Lúcia C. Ferreira
2006 Ambiente & Sociedade  
The relationship between resource management, local populations, and property regimes has long puzzled researchers and policy-makers. The constant failure of conservation policy reliant upon privatization and statization, has led both policy makers and researchers to recognize the importance of customary practices to achieve conservation. Yet, the overemphasis on "traditional populations" and "collective property regimes" as the way to promote conservation can be misleading. In this paper, we
more » ... scuss the debate on local populations and resource conservation in the Southeastern Atlantic Forest, Brazil. The analysis focuses on 1) the concept of traditional populations; 2) the complexity of overlapping property regimes; 3) the potential for a loose relationship between "traditional populations" and "collective property regimes," and; 4) the implications of this approach for "non-traditional populations." We conclude that the bias toward "tradition" and "collective property regimes" threatens the entire range of local communities along what might be called a traditional-non-traditional populations gradient.
doi:10.1590/s1414-753x2006000100002 fatcat:34755icxafeblcc4f563xc6baa