Modeling a Large-Scale Battery Energy Storage System for Power Grid Application Analysis

Giuliano Rancilio, Alexandre Lucas, Evangelos Kotsakis, Gianluca Fulli, Marco Merlo, Maurizio Delfanti, Marcelo Masera
2019 Energies  
The interest in modeling the operation of large-scale battery energy storage systems (BESS) for analyzing power grid applications is rising. This is due to the increasing storage capacity installed in power systems for providing ancillary services and supporting nonprogrammable renewable energy sources (RES). BESS numerical models suitable for grid-connected applications must offer a trade-off, keeping a high accuracy even with limited computational effort. Moreover, they are asked to be viable
more » ... in modeling for real-life equipment, and not just accurate in the simulation of the electrochemical section. The aim of this study is to develop a numerical model for the analysis of the grid-connected BESS operation; the main goal of the proposal is to have a test protocol based on standard equipment and just based on charge/discharge tests, i.e., a procedure viable for a BESS owner without theoretical skills in electrochemistry or lab procedures, and not requiring the ability to disassemble the BESS in order to test each individual component. The BESS model developed is characterized by an experimental campaign. The test procedure itself is framed in the context of this study and adopted for the experimental campaign on a commercial large-scale BESS. Once the model is characterized by the experimental parameters, it undergoes the verification and validation process by testing its accuracy in simulating the provision of frequency regulation. A case study is presented for the sake of presenting a potential application of the model. The procedure developed and validated is replicable in any other facility, due to the low complexity of the proposed experimental set. This could help stakeholders to accurately simulate several layouts of network services.
doi:10.3390/en12173312 fatcat:hdzwf5amy5gn5b4lrngdwwcxfi