Treated wastewater for agriculture – a framework to analyze its global potential

Phillip Sebastian Farbowski, Norbert Kreuzinger
The aim of this thesis was to establish a framework to assess the global potential of substituting fresh water for agricultural irrigation with treated waste water for that purpose. In order to establish whether there is a potential or not, countries from different climate and socio-economic zones were analysed. Taking a closer look at the dominant crops produced and livestock animals kept a rough estimate of the fresh water demand from the agricultural sector in individual countries could be
more » ... tablished. These results were then put into contrast with the volume of waste water treated on a national level in order to determine if a substituting potential towards treated waste water for irrigation was given from a quantitative point of view. Regulations regarding the utilization of treated waste water on an international and domestic level were also analysed and discussed along with the implications of climate change on the present and future agricultural production, allowing for conclusions on food and water security.
doi:10.34726/hss.2019.66866 fatcat:lkxdi24hgjhxlehuvfyviiibl4