The Use of Sulfate Reduction to Remove Metals from Acid Mine Drainage

P. Eger
1992 Journal American Society of Mining and Reclamation  
Four combinations of organic substrates have been studied for their ability to support sulfate reduction and remove metals from acid mine drainage. The substrates include 45-dayold municipal compost, composted yard waste, horse manure, and wood shavings. Fonr rows of three 55-gallon barrels connected in series received drainage from a lean ore stockpile. The input had an average pH of 5.1, with an average sulfate concentration of 860 mg/L and average trace metals concentrations of 7.7 mg/L
more » ... ns of 7.7 mg/L copper, 1.2 mg/L cobalt, 26.0 mg/L nickel, and 1.4 mg/L zinc. All the substrates were successful in neutralizing the drainage and reducing trace metal concentrations by greater than 90%. Nickel, which is the major trace metal of concern, was reduced by over 99%.
doi:10.21000/jasmr92010563 fatcat:6f5fva4qvrbvbmadlh3wov5dr4