William Klatte
Immemorial is an Indigenous Futurist teleplay which imagines a world with a nuanced and complex past, a present which demands urgency, and a view of the future that sways between hope and doom and everywhere in between depending on which character is doing the imagining. Our protagonists jump back and forth in time, desperately trying to alter the momentum of colonialism that leads to the Canadian present. The primary theme is the past cannot be changed, but with the help of our ancestors, we
more » ... n address the injustices of the past to make a better future. While the series deals with the inherently political themes of colonialism, neoliberalism, Indigenous futurity, race, class, gender, and more, it is not meant to be a politics-forward series. The characters, much like many people in the real world, are going to figure things out amongst themselves, and we will watch, and think about it. But this series is more about cathartically blowing up British ships and British Columbian pipelines. It is supposed to be more of a sci-fi/action romp than a squarely levelled critique.
doi:10.14288/1.0412976 fatcat:dfr27t7zgfhk7dipl3lque42ae