Security Implementation of Distributed Systems in Cloud Environment

S Reddy, M Jabbar, N Reddy
This paper provides a framework of security in distributed systems in the cloud environment. Security for distributed system is one of the most important things that researchers need to take care of. Distributed systems also involve monetary transactions like ATM machines. If an ATM machine is corrupted intentionally, then the loss will be irreparable. Attackers may attack in any non recognized form. We build distributed systems so that the users will be connected with each other using
more » ... on technology in a cost effective way. In this paper we are proposing a model of computer systems that will be distributive but the computer hardware will be completely abstracted from potential users. As the environment is cloud based, for developers this type of model will be cost effective. As security is concerned, there will be inbuilt security because of cloud environment. Our model is named as cloud secured communication algorithm (CSCA). This model provides a much better security than the existing algorithms.