Dragana Došenović, Marija Todorović
2021 Časopis za Ekonomiju i Tržišne Komunikacije  
The concept of job satisfaction, which is most often defined as a satisfactory or positive emotional state that arises as a result of evaluating work or work experience, is one of the most important and most researched employee work-related issues. The relevance of the observed concept is the result of the belief that any changes in the level of job satisfaction have numerous positive, but also negative consequences, both for the individual and for the organization. In addition to the
more » ... c or personal characteristics of employees, the cause of changes in the level of job satisfaction may be the related to the organizational elements through which the work environment is shaped. As the demographic characteristics of employees cannot be greatly influenced, the attention of researchers is usually focused on a group of organizational factors or characteristics. Precisely for that reason, the research problem presented in this paper is the influence of the process in the organization on job satisfaction in various organizations operating in the Republic of Srpska. The main goal of this paper is to investigate and determine the existence and nature of the relationship between defined process factors in the organization as independent variables and their impact on job satisfaction as dependent variables. In order to investigate the observed impact and prove the set hypotheses, an empirical research was conducted, using a custom-made survey questionnaire, on a sample of 738 workers employed in 283 organizations from the Republic of Srpska. Reliability analysis, expressed by the Cronbach's alpha coefficient, shows a very high reliability of the developed instrument for testing satisfaction with organizational design. Testing of the set hypothesis was performed using correlation analysis, and the obtained results confirmed the hypothesis which claims that the processes in the organization affect job satisfaction.
doi:10.7251/emc2101141d fatcat:vnpldhdmuvetzlyb545crm6ufa