Hydrophone Preamplifier Optimization-Hybrid Microelectronics for Low- Noise Hydrophones [report]

C. K. Brown, A. C. Tims
1978 unpublished
Reference Detach. ment of NRL into a rugged integrated (hybnd~circuit suitable for low-noise hydrophone applications. Its self-noise is typically -118 dBV for a l-G'2 Input impedance. It opeirtes on a single power supply and has a 100.kHz bandwidth. Equations are developed, suitable for programmable calculators, %hich analyze the ac and dc conditions in the circuit.,p earlier report ("Hydrophone Preamplifier Optiization-Prediction of Hydrophone Self-Noise by?k4oise Model,"' A. C. Tims, NRL
more » ... t 8180) ghes a detailed analysis of the noise behavior of the prcW S
doi:10.21236/ada058590 fatcat:eqifl7u7brha3bx6ekz4ail3vq