Akshata Jajoo, R Chippa, P N Mathur
2014 International Journal of Education &Applied Sciences Research   unpublished
In Jaipur city we have a famous juice centre at Gopalpura i.e Girnar Juice Centre. It offers various types of juices of wide variety of fruits such as chikoo, papaya, mango, watermelon, pineapple etc. A large amount of fruit waste is collected at this Juice shop, which can be further utilized for the production of biogas. Mean while a big challenge has been faced by the solid waste management authority like municipality, especially fruit waste i.e generated in large amount per day. This work
more » ... r day. This work has two aspects one is the management of such huge generation and another is the production of energy in terms of Biogas and optimization of bio gas generated from these waste. Biogas production requires anaerobic digestion .My research work was to create an Organic Processing Facility to create biogas which will be more cost effective, eco-friendly, cut down on landfill waste, generate a high-quality renewable fuel, and reduce carbon dioxide & methane emissions. It is Green technology energy source, Zero waste technology. There was a digester tank of capacity 20 litre for decomposition of cow dung slurry and fruit waste. Two chemicals that is Na2Co3 and NaOH was used to make the buffer solution. Urea was added to increase the production of biogas. The fruit waste is grinded properly in grinding machine so that the surface area of slurry is increased and material will easily decompose in short time. Physio-chemical parameters of these influent (on the starting day of digestion) and effluent slurries (after 30th day from starting) in terms of total solid, volatile solid, temperature, pH and Non volatile solid were tested. Parameters pH Temperature Total solid Volatile solid Non Volatile solid Inlet 5.7 29 0 C 73.07% 88.24% 11.76% Outlet 4.8 31 0 C 24.76% 87.50% 12.50% Overall study reveals that ideal condition for the production of bio gas is that pH of influent slurry must be 5.7 which was obtain by using buffering chemicals and waste should be grinded properly so that they decompose easily. This work can solve the problems of kitchen waste management as well as bring the fulfilment of energy requirement in terms of Biogas and optimization of biogas.