Note on "Approximation of Curves by Line Segments"

N. Ream
1961 Mathematics of Computation  
The problem of obtaining a best fit of broken line segments to a curve over a given range has recently been investigated by Stone [1] who has prepared a general computer program to solve the least-squares equations. The problem arose previously in designing diode function-generators for analog computers [2], [3], [4]. If f(x) is the given curve and (w0, uN) is the range to be fitted by N segments, and if f(x) may be approximated by a parabola in each segment, then it may be shown [4] that the
more » ... hown [4] that the unweighted least-squares fit yields the following equation for the breakpoints Ux , ■ • ■ , mm :
doi:10.2307/2003033 fatcat:ihpncbzxarhnpfsqehw4lbbcya