Generalization As A Means Of Suggestion In Modern Political Discourse

Diana Kalishchuk
2014 Zenodo  
Abstract. The article deals with the notion of suggestion as one of the main features of modern political discourse, the processes of deletion, generalization and distortion of information, that cause non-identity between the deep informational content of the utterance and it's represented version and therefore are used to influence the addressee, are described; language means used to realize the process of generalization are defined and analyzed, namely: universal quantifiers, including some
more » ... s, including some adverbs and pronouns; modal operators of obligation / possibility, such as modal verbs with the meaning of obligation / possibility, and other parts of speech (adjectives, adverbs, particles), semantics of which presupposes necessity or obligation of some actions; intensifiers, which modify the pragmatic meaning of the utterance and therefore intensify the impact on the addressee.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.45778 fatcat:yb6jp6dbznhmzi5cdajecgsxiq