Final report on LDRD project : single-photon-sensitive imaging detector arrays at 1600 nm [report]

Kenton David Childs, Darwin Keith Serkland, Kent Martin Geib, Samuel D. Hawkins, Malcolm S. Carroll, John Frederick Klem, Josephine Juin-Jye Sheng, Rupal K. Patel, Desta Bolles, Tom M. Bauer, Robert Koudelka
2006 unpublished
The key need that this project has addressed is a short-wave infrared light detector for ranging (LIDAR) imaging at temperatures greater than 100K, as desired by nonproliferation and work for other customers. Several novel device structures to improve avalanche photodiodes (APDs) were fabricated to achieve the desired APD performance. A primary challenge to achieving high sensitivity APDs at 1550 nm is that the small band-gap materials (e.g., InGaAs or Ge) necessary to detect low-energy photons
more » ... exhibit higher dark counts and higher multiplication noise compared to materials like silicon.
doi:10.2172/949014 fatcat:layazcgyifbolb4dwya2uhals4