Design of Angle based 27-level Trinary Ladder Inverter Using Cross Compiler

Dr. Joseph Anthony Prathap, Priyanka Bandaru, Vaishnavi Darshanam, B. Narendar
2021 Revista GEINTEC  
This paper presents the design of the Multi-Level Inverter circuit based on the switched ladder topology using the angle events for the level changes. The change of events for the inverter is formulated using the Half Height Algorithm. The VHDL code is utilized for the generation of the angles as digital equivalence with the resolution of 27 bits. In ladder topology, there are several types of inverter namely Binary Ladder Inverter, Ye Progression, Luo Progression. Among all these topologies,
more » ... e Trinary Ladder topology is advantageous for the number of levels attainment with the less number of switches. Also, the carrier-based modulation is erroneous with the High THD% and low Voltage Parameter values. The use of the non-carrier half-height method manipulates the accurate angle to measure acceptable THD %. The proposed Trinary Switched Ladder Inverter is cross-compiled with Xilinx Vivado and Matlab Simulink Took to evaluate the parameters such as THD%, VRMS, VPEAK, for the 27-level. The parametric analysis exhibits improvement in the proposed Ladder topology with cost, size, and performance when synthesized using the Xilinx Vivado tool.
doi:10.47059/revistageintec.v11i2.1698 fatcat:uibeox4crfekrc2djtefotl43q