Molecular Characterization of a Toxicological Tipping Point during Human Stem Cell Differentiation [article]

Thomas Knudsen, Katerine Saili, Todd Zurlinden, Imran Shah, Chad Deisenroth, Todor Antonijevic
Annual Meeting of the European Teratology Society (ETS)Elsevier 2020 Award LectureSeptember 14, 2021Invited presentation to the annual meeting of the European Teratology Society (ETS) Sept 2021, as the selection of the publication by Saili et al. (2020), Reproductive Toxicology as the Elsevier 2020 Award Lecture. Search for CCTE records in EPA's Science Inventory by typing in the title at this
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doi:10.23645/epacomptox.16611754.v1 fatcat:33gysp6jv5huzfrbjht5kah5te