A Middleware Supporting Adaptive and Context-Aware Mobile Applications [chapter]

Lincoln David, José Viterbo, Marcelo Malcher, Hubert Fonseca, Gustavo Baptista, Markus Endler
2012 Mobile Context Awareness  
Mobile Applications with context awareness features allow mobile users to communicate and share different sorts of context-based information among themselves, such as the current position of other users, geo-referenced data, device speed and others. Although many of such mobile collaboration applications potentially share a good amount of functionality, most of them are developed from scratch, monolithic and tailored to specific mobile platforms, what limits their applicability. This chapter
more » ... sents a client middleware architecture which supports dynamic deployment and composition of components for context-awareness, common collaboration services, and presents a context oriented language easing the coding of such applications. We also present some prototype context-aware applicationsimplemented on the top of our middleware services -, one of which was used to assess the advantages of using our middleware.
doi:10.1007/978-0-85729-625-2_10 fatcat:xakuvmyosnfvxg5dgf7pqnzm2m