Immunochemical analysis of distinct cellular antigens isolated from a nontypable bovine strain of group B streptococci

B Toole, J A Kane, W W Karakawa
1976 Infection and Immunity  
Four immunologically distinct antigens were isolated from a bovine strain of group B streptococci, designated 14 Mi. Chemical analysis indicated that two of the cell surface antigens consisted of glucose, galactose, and glucosamine, whereas the other cell surface antigen, an acidic protein, contained a predominance of aspartic acid, glutamic acid, and alanine. A cell wall-associated triheteroglycan consisting of galactose, glucose, and glucosamine was isolated from strain 14 Mi by 10%
more » ... cetic acid. Immunochemical studies suggested that this glycan is type specific and consists of an immunodominant a-linked galactosyl-glucose disaccharide.
doi:10.1128/iai.13.1.69-77.1976 fatcat:k7vryrhapvgmfp6h6brz4v7vdq