A Novel Multi-feature Joint Learning Method for Fast Polarimetric SAR Terrain Classification

Junfei Shi, Haiyan Jin, Xiaohua Li
2020 IEEE Access  
Polarimetric synthetic aperture radar (PolSAR) image classification is one of the most important study areas for PolSAR image processing. Many kinds of PolSAR features can be extracted for PolSAR image classification, such as the scattering, polarimetric or image features. However, it is difficult to improve the classification accuracy of PolSAR images by using all these low-level features directly, since they may conflict with each other for classification. Hence, how to joint learn these
more » ... vel features to obtain high-level discriminating features is a challenging task. To solve this problem, a novel fast multi-feature joint learning method(fMF-JLC) is proposed for PolSAR image classification. The proposed method extract three kinds of low-level features of PolSAR data at first. Then, a multifeature joint sparse representation model(MF-JSR) is proposed by designing joint sparse constraints on the extracted features above. Moreover, the joint sparse features are further compressed to overcome the dimension curse and acquire semantic features by the topic model. By this way, the low-level features are fused and discriminating high-level features are acquired. However, the pixel-wise feature learning method is time consuming. To speed the proposed method, a superpixel-based fast learning method is designed by involving the contextual relationship. Experiments are taken on three sets of real PolSAR data with different sensors and bands, and several compared methods are used to verify the effectiveness of the proposed method. The experimental results illustrate that the proposed method can obtain better performance than the state-ofart methods, especially for the heterogenous areas. INDEX TERMS Polarimetric SAR classification, joint multi-feature sparse representation, joint multifeature learning, fast classification method.
doi:10.1109/access.2020.2973246 fatcat:4kbq6g2qqfeb7fnvvvs2kwcfvu