The Meaning of Digitalization for Research Skills: Challenges for STI Policy

Dirk Meissner, Narkhova Anastasiia, Plekhanov Dmitry
2016 Social Science Research Network  
This paper gives an overview of the impact of the current digital evolution of S&T systems, in particular on STI policies and research skills development. Within this context digitalization demonstrates strong impact on human capital and tangible assets (infrastructures and information processing tools etc.) by means of enhancing sources of new knowledge. Hence, challenges arise on the useful and proper utilization of numerous opportunities which emerged from digitalization. What are the new
more » ... llenges for S&T systems caused by digitalization and what mechanisms could be implemented for system adaptation to them? What are the new research skills that are a high priority to acquire both by individuals and system as a whole? The paper argues that STI policy thus far hasn't demonstrated sufficient responses to the changing requirements on researcher skills but remains at the infrastructural discussion.
doi:10.2139/ssrn.2857133 fatcat:yhtgonohdbbi7itpfch5juwysm