Bailey flows and Bose-Fermi identities for the conformal coset models (A1(1))N × (A1(1))N′/(A1(1))N+N′

Alexander Berkovich, Barry M. McCoy, Anne Schilling, S. Ole Warnaar
1997 Nuclear Physics B  
We use the recently established higher-level Bailey lemma and Bose-Fermi polynomial identities for the minimal models $M(p,p')$ to demonstrate the existence of a Bailey flow from $M(p,p')$ to the coset models $(A^{(1)}_1)_N\times (A^{(1)}_1)_{N'}/(A^{(1)}_1)_{N+N'}$ where $N$ is a positive integer and $N'$ is fractional, and to obtain Bose-Fermi identities for these models. The fermionic side of these identities is expressed in terms of the fractional-level Cartan matrix introduced in the study
more » ... oduced in the study of $M(p,p')$. Relations between Bailey and renormalization group flow are discussed.
doi:10.1016/s0550-3213(97)82955-0 fatcat:uajum32u5zhgza5bv7k7q2nbvi