User's Guide for New Mexico Health Care Reform Fiscal Model [article]

The Hilltop Institute, Maryland Shared Open Access Repository, Maryland Shared Open Access Repository
The Hilltop Institute developed a Health Care Reform Simulation Model, a financial modeling tool that projects the costs and savings of implementing the provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), for the state of New Mexico. The basic approach of the simulation model developed for New Mexico was to compare the new costs and savings associated with health care reform with a baseline assumption of what those costs and savings would have been in the absence of reform. This is a user's guide for
more » ... he fiscal model. For this guide, we have assumed that model users have read the document, New Mexico Health Care Reform Fiscal Model: Detailed Analysis and Methodology, and are familiar with the methods of analysis that were used to develop the fiscal model
doi:10.13016/m2wkpp-bwxe fatcat:2hqqeoss2vhc7b3iblhbzvfr3u