Nonlinear analysis of EEG for brain respiration trained students during learning activities(International Conference on Mind Body Science : Physical and Physiological Approach joint with The Eighteenth Symposium on Life Information Science)

Seung-Hyun Jin, Soo Yong Kim
Journal of International Society of Life Information Science  
We investigated electroencephalogram (EEG) of brain respiration (BR) trained elementary school students. Five students are BR trained over six months and the other five students are not, We measured EEG from 16 channels during learning activities and calculated a correlation dimension as a nonlinear measure, BR trained students had higher average values of the D2 at Fp2 channel during resting state. When subjects were reading a book, BR trained students had higher average values ofD2 at P3
more » ... el. D2 ofBR trained students were higher at C4 channel during mental arithmetic, and at F4 channel during finding their way out a maze than normal controls. These results suggest that the brain of BR trained students remained in a more attentive state during learning activities than that ofnormal controls,
doi:10.18936/islis.22.2_580 fatcat:vkebosbtxzfctlzspz4nyzeo2u