Analysis of the Impact of Supply Chain Flexibility on Supply Chain Performance: An Empirical study in the Indian automotive industry

Amit Chandak
2019 Industrial Engineering Journal  
Despite the fact that intensive research has been done in supply chain management (SCM) a little research has been done so far in which this issue is discussed with respect to a single sector in India. This research in the field of supply chain management is mainly concentrating on the impact of supply chain flexibility (SCF) on supply chain performance (SCP). This research is an attempt to bridges the gap and deficiency on the research done previously in this issue and particularly about the
more » ... lationship between supply chain flexibility dimensions on supply chain performance. Hence, the first and foremost objective of this study is to find how supply chain flexibility (SCF) dimensions are related to supply chain performance (SCP) dimensions. Furthermore, efficient and effective supply chain flexibility is directly related to improving supply chain performance. This research is mainly concentrated on Indian automobile industry which is in current scenario one of the fasted growing and one of the major contributor's of GDP growth in India. The researchers find the type of relationship of supply chain flexibility dimensions with supply chain performance dimensions. This research is based on research done by Fantazy et al. (2009) , in his research he suggested that further investigation can be made on his research in a different geographical region. To widen understanding on this topic and to go after the recommendation of the preceding research, this research closely related to Fantazy et al. (2009) , and this research is done on the Indian automotive industries which in the current situation have much importance.
doi:10.26488/iej.12.3.1165 fatcat:yky5nfijyzddtije7elfdgqvty