Study on the Key Characteristics of Regional Characteristics and Environmental Art Design

2018 2017 International Conference on Humanities, Arts and Language (HUMAL 2017)   unpublished
With the development of modern science and technology and the growing globalization of economy, the strong culture of economic power to suppress the development of regional culture, with regional characteristics of the culture gradually disappear. Globalization poses a challenge to traditional design theories and methods and affects the traditional environmental art design value system. In the face of globalization and homogenization of modernism, people are gradually aware of its unfavorable
more » ... ctors. Environmental art design exactly where to go, become a modern designer must face and think the reality of the problem. This paper attempts to explore how environmental art design reflects the regional characteristics in the context of global integration and cultural diversification, hoping to bring some new ideas and inspiration for environmental art design.
doi:10.25236/humal.2017.49 fatcat:b7f34oxmm5dhzp3zn2s45z3kf4