Marcin Paweska, Zoran Cekerevac
2018 MEST Journal  
The modern world, in addition to the developing modern civilization and democracy, is characterized by the constant threat and emergence of extraordinary events in various forms. These events have a negative impact on human safety and security across the world, but especially in developing countries, with a weak economy and democracy. This entails the need for humanitarian aid for people affected by extraordinary incidents, especially in countries where governments for various reasons are
more » ... s reasons are unable to provide all citizens with necessary help. In this article, the author explains the concepts of humanitarianism and humanitarian aid and presents its main goals and the basic principles of its conduct. This includes legislative framework as well as key principles of delivering humanitarian aid. It also characterizes the main humanitarian aid providers across the world including states, intergovernmental (transnational) organizations (IGOs), and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Next, the article shows humanitarian aid providers specific to Poland.
doi:10.12709/mest. fatcat:4fdl2jdahnecxghso4tjcwkfiq