Experimental Research on Animal Fat Burning in Co-Combustion with Liquid Hydrocarbons Running title: Animal Fat Burning in Co-combustion with Liquid Hydrocarbons

Gheorghe Lăzăroiu, Lucian Mihăescu, Ionel Pîşă, Gabriel-Paul Negreanu, Viorel Berbece, Elena Pop
The research goal is to determine the possibilities to destruct animal fats by burning. The experimental research has defined the limits of application for the technology of animal fat co-combustion with liquid hydrocarbons. For that purpose a boiler has been used that is equipped with a specialized heater and a burner with mechanical pulverizing. The burning efficiency and the pollutant emissions were determined. Practical applications The actual possibilities to destruct animal fats by
more » ... were studied as a means to achieve a higher efficiency of the destruction processes. Animal fats in various percentages were added to the liquid hydrocarbons of fossil origin to be used as fuel in specialized burning installations. The installation should comprise a specialized heater and a burner with mechanical pulverizing of the liquid state mixture of animal fats and of fossil liquid fuels. The research determined the pollutant emission levels and the efficiency of the burning installation.