Impact of pharmaceutical pollutants on ecosystem - A Comprehensive review

Yunes M. M. A. Alsayadi, Saahil Arora
2023 AIP Conference Proceedings  
The pollution arising from pharmaceutical industry is increasingly considered to be a serious threat to environmental ecosystem as it effects the human health all around the world. Pharmaceuticals have the ability to get into the environmental surroundings at almost all their life cycle stages (disposal, use, and production), that means they have the chance to mix up with drinking water, or even they can accumulate in fish and vegetables. In this mini review, important pharmaceuticals aspects
more » ... fecting the environmental surroundings have mentioned including their behavior in the environmental system, their sources, the Potential impact of Pharmaceutical Pollution on human being and Factors influencing the fate of pharmaceutical pollutant. A comprehensive literature study was summarized in the relevant databases to conduct the published research works that have been done recently about this topic. Identification of the origin sources of the pharmaceuticals and their products serve as a prevention measure which could help to eliminate pharmaceutical contamination. Serious actions should be considered to prevent the occurrence of pharmaceutical pollution on the ecosystem including; improving in the production, synthesis and design, of pharmaceuticals, sales, prescription, and waste handling, and control of the sources of pollution by applying advanced technologies.
doi:10.1063/5.0122856 fatcat:gn5e67gcerg7rd22edkr3objyi