Terabit-per-square-inch data storage with the atomic force microscope

E. B. Cooper, S. R. Manalis, H. Fang, H. Dai, K. Matsumoto, S. C. Minne, T. Hunt, C. F. Quate
1999 Applied Physics Letters  
An areal density of 1.6 Tbits/in. 2 has been achieved by anodically oxidizing titanium with the atomic force microscope ͑AFM͒. This density was made possible by ͑1͒ single-wall carbon nanotubes selectively grown on an AFM cantilever, ͑2͒ atomically flat titanium surfaces on ␣-Al 2 O 3 ͑1012͒, and ͑3͒ atomic scale force and position control with the tapping-mode AFM. By combining these elements, 8 nm bits on 20 nm pitch are written at a rate of 5 kbit/s at room temperature in air.
doi:10.1063/1.125390 fatcat:kj4yguilknaf3d7gk7cuhu4wue