A new polishing agent

1873 Journal of the Franklin Institute  
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more » ... ~he po~sh~sg po~ ders so gener~I~ emp~oyedo I~ wag [ou:qd tha,t by s:m9~ ambling ~he ar~:c~e whb ~he fi~e deposi~ of F.e~:~=~,o fie,dr, ~ha~ ~ ~osk e~ gn ex., -eel:en~ po~:sho without ~he d:ss~grees.b:e n.se:ess~y of subseqge~'~!y s.smg the brash go remove ~he ma:~erbd0 ~.s h: is ~:eeessar N where powders are stop:eyed instead..
doi:10.1016/0016-0032(73)90701-1 fatcat:eakjobduzjcytdfz3oytgc7jq4