Governance in European Food Value Chains

David Barling, Jennifer Gresham
2019 Zenodo  
1. This report presents findings from eight national studies into the governance of five European food value chains: liquid cow's milk, beef steak, farmed salmon, processed tomato, and bread from wheat. Each study evaluates the governance of the value chain through the different stages of production, processing and retail, following the transformation from farmed/grown commodity to final food product. The studies are situated within broad regulatory frameworks of state-led policies at the
more » ... an and national level, while also encompassing governance initiatives originating from corporate and societal actors. A Global Value Chains governance approach was used to create an initial characterization of value chain structures and inter-firm relationships. This provided a starting point for further analysis of individual value chain dynamics and relationship interactions. Attention is paid, where relevant, to issues such as value chain structure and product flow, industry structure and concentration, contractual arrangements, price negotiations, trade, consumption patterns and different EU and state led regulatory interventions. The research draws on existing literatures and documentary sources, further exploring stakeholder perspectives through a series of 50 qualitative in-depth interviews across the five value chains. Interviews allowed for a deeper exploration of the different perceptions of relationships dynamics felt by actors across each value chain. 2. The introductory chapter elaborates on the aims of the research task, and on both the conceptual approaches to governance used and the research methods deployed. The chapter also explains in more detail some of the key findings from across the different food value chains studied and reflects on the implications of these findings. There are a total of eight nationally located studies with the findings from each one presented subsequently as a separate chapter in the report: Dairy cows to liquid milk in France, Britain and Germany; Beef cattle to steak in Britain [...]
doi:10.5281/zenodo.5188542 fatcat:qkpltzag75cnhjv4u4fus35y3a