Comparison Of Fatty Acid Compositions In Different Goat Breeds: A Study In Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

Zamani Hakim, Nur Fazidah Amuje@Asmuji, Siti Munirah Mohd, A'wani Aziz Nurdalila
2019 ʻUlūm Islāmiyyah Journal  
The aim of this study is to determine the influence of goat breeds (Saanen, Jamnapari and Boer) on the biological quality of milk in Malaysia and to compare the chemical composition of SFAs, MUFAs and PUFAs concentration of milk across the three breeds. Nine milk samples were collected from three different breeds of goats namely Saanen, Jamnapari and Boer. All samples were taken in triplicate and analysed for fatty acid composition of the milk using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS).
more » ... According to the GC-MS results, 13 fatty acids were identified and expressed relatively in the percentage of peak areas (%) and evaluated in three types of fatty acid groups, which are saturated fatty acid (SFA), monounsaturated fatty acid (MUFA), and polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA). The total of SFA varies from 57.48% to 66.10% and is the most abundant fatty acid group in each of the samples. In addition, the total of MUFA was also found ranging from 22.07% to 39.06%, while the total of PUFA is from 0% to 4.06%. 13-octadecenoic acid was detected as the highest concentration for each of the Saanen and Jamnapari breed samples, and hexadecanoic acid for the Boer breed samples. These results have confirmed that each individual species have their own unique fatty acid composition that can contribute as part of complete nutrition for the well-being of the ummah.
doi:10.33102/uij.vol26no.89 fatcat:kvi32rji6fcy3bwcjqby7mcvwq