A Novel Scheme for Improving the Reliability in Smart Grid Neighborhood Area Networks

Sun-Yuan Hsieh, Chun-Chia Lai
2019 IEEE Access  
A smart grid, as its name implies, is an intelligent grid, which features two-way transmission for electricity and information. A smart grid can deliver various types of electrical services and streamlined, highly efficient energy consumption, but only if its communication systems are highly reliable. A smart grid can be based on wireless networks, which offer high speed and low cost, but problems with wireless technology can impair communications performance and destabilize the smart grid.
more » ... the smart grid. Wireless local area network (LAN) mesh networks based on IEEE 802.11s can serve as the backbones of smart grids. IEEE 802.11s provides flexible, scalable, high-speed communications with low installation and management costs. In this paper, we first describe IEEE 802.11s, default routing protocol, Hybrid Wireless Mesh Protocol (HWMP); Even though HWMP has several shortcomings that destabilize smart grids, we propose a novel scheme to improve smart grid routing reliability. We present a simulation of our proposed scheme using ns-3 simulation software, and prove that our method can improve smart grid reliability. INDEX TERMS Neighborhood area network, reliability, smart grid, wireless mesh networks, IEEE 802.11s.
doi:10.1109/access.2019.2938593 fatcat:2vvmpbvtpzaufk5qcykuv7gh4e